Arize is a specialist communications and publicity agency based in Abbotsford that work with brands to find a voice and tell their story. Their expertise lies in media relations, stakeholder engagement and management, CEO profile building, brand positioning, social media strategy, risk mitigation and reputation management.

The Challenge

According to a recent survey, more than 50% of businesses have either incorporated or authorised the use of Macs in their workplace. However, not all MSPs possess the required expertise or tools to provide adequate support to their Mac using clientbase.

Without specialised Mac support from an MSP, hybrid environments are increasingly vulnerable to breaches. Cyber criminals seek to exploit any potential weaknesses in security frameworks, and a poorly secured fleet of Mac devices in a hybrid environment can be a prime entry point to infiltrate a network.

Arize Communications operates in a Mac-exclusive environment that necessitates continuous support by specialists well-versed in Mac technology. This poses a significant challenge for an MSP whose systems and training are tailored to support Microsoft Windows devices when most business environments are dominated by Microsoft Windows. When an MSP lacks specialised Mac technicians, there often can be:

  • Delays in response time
  • Unwarranted downtime
  • Increase in monthly spend

The Solution

The solution was a straightforward undertaking for Systima. Our Mac-trained support specialists swiftly initiated the onboarding process for Arize. This provided Systima with the opportunity to comprehensively examine Arize's ecosystem, needs, and limitations, thus gaining a detailed understanding of their network. Data was collected to align the service levels and response times with their expectations, thereby ensuring that the Arize team gained a clear comprehension of the IT processes concerning support and maintenance.

Many Mac-exclusive or hybrid environments often assume that their devices are secure. However, just like any other computer, Macs are vulnerable to malware and phishing attacks. Systima provides proactive maintenance that helps identify potential vulnerabilities and provides solutions before these vulnerabilities are exploited by cyber criminals.

"Systima has become an integral partner of Arize, streamlining our IT requirements, identifying areas for improvement, and resolving issues promptly. Systima has led our data security processes and has been a delight to work alongside our daily needs." Megan Keogh, COO.

Due to the lack of specialised support provided by some MSPs, business leaders may be reluctant to migrate to a Mac-exclusive environment. At Systima, we provide a range of services for Mac devices, including hardware and software support, proactive maintenance, and troubleshooting. As an authorised reseller of Mac products, it's our responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest Apple products and offers, and pass that information onto our clients. We help your business manage and optimise your Mac network, ensuring that all devices run smoothly and efficiently.

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