Apple have remained the market leader for many years and for good reason: the volume of consumers who continue to flock to their iPhone's sleek design far outweighs their Android competitors.

However, Mac laptops and desktops make up a sizable wedge of Apple’s market share and have already become a permanent fixture in many business environments. A recent survey found that 55% of businesses now use or permit the use of Macs in their environment.

This shift has been driven by two factors – increased adoption of Macs as everyday computers within the creative industries and employers encouraging their team to make their own choice on which device they work with through BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Unfortunately, not all MSPs have the expertise or tools to support their Mac using client base.

Why is this the case considering many businesses have already transitioned to a hybrid or Mac-only environment? There are a few factors to consider.

Microsoft Windows still dominates most environments.

The majority of MSPs use systems and training that support Microsoft Windows devices because most business environments are dominated by Microsoft Windows. However, as previously mentioned, there are already a number of industries preferring to choose between Macs, Windows or a hybrid environment.

So, what does tech support look like for a hybrid or Mac-only environment when their MSP predominantly works with Windows environments? An MSP without Mac support specialists or tools is not properly equipped to support hybrid or Mac-only working environments. You cannot rely on an MSP that Googles solutions when a time sensitive issue arises.

Paying for support that your staff could potentially diagnose and solve with a simple online search is not support. This is one of the reasons business leaders are hesitant to make the jump to a Mac-only environment, but this shouldn't mean that businesses with a hybrid environment should suffer.

Macs are bullet proof, right?

Many still believe that Macs are impenetrable when it comes to cyber attack and therefore do not require the same security measures as Windows devices.

It’s important to note that Mac platforms are not immune to cyber threats. They just aren’t worth a hacker’s time. MacOS makes up just over 14% of the total global market share and Microsoft users, just over 73%. It isn’t a big leap to realise why there are not as many malware threats for Macs due to the smaller market share.

However, 75% of employees would choose a Mac for their next computer if given the opportunity. This is particularly high considering many of these businesses are Windows environments.

With over half of businesses now using or permitting the use of Macs in their workplace, why should the entire environment be unintentionally compromised due to ineffective Mac support from an MSP? Cyber criminals look to exploit weaknesses within security perimeters and a poorly protected fleet of Mac devices within a hybrid environment is the perfect entry point to a network.

Mac devices are already a prominent part of many environments and therefore deserve specialised support and security solutions. Combined with the rise in cyber attacks since the pandemic, the reality is that cyber criminals have already begun exploiting the security shortfalls created by inadequate support from Windows-only MSPs.

An MSP that isn't forward-looking.

A Mac-friendly MSP demonstrates willingness to evolve. An MSP that is forward-looking in its approach is a good indication they are open to the future-growth opportunities for your business through their solutions offering.

Hybrid or Mac-only environments require a dedicated team to manage their devices. A lack of tools to properly support Apple devices, poses challenges to day-to-day efficiencies and can compromise your security set-up. Partnering with an MSP who has the expertise and tools to maintain and support Mac devices effectively is essential.

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