If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it's that hybrid working conditions are here to stay. With this increase in movement, our laptops and smartphones are far more likely to be left unattended in airports, cafes, and co-working spaces.

It takes a split second for your mobile device to be stolen, and with it, all that juicy business-critical data.

Mobile Device Management or MDM, is a management software that allows you to remotely monitor, manage and secure laptops and mobile devices across all Android, Apple and Windows products.

We know that business-critical data is commonly under attack, whether it be malicious emails or highly targeted phishing attacks. However, most business leaders are unaware that the fleet of laptops and mobile devices that keep their team working remotely are being targeted for both the hardware and their valuable data.

While it’s important to have a strong password game, once a criminal has your device, they can still gain access to your data. Your username and password might not have fallen into their hands, but a laptop’s hard drive can be forcibly removed and plugged into another hard drive to reveal any unencrypted data.

Mobile Device Management software allows you to remote lock any app, phone or laptop that has been stolen.

It’s that simple. The ability to virtually monitor and control all the apps, smartphones and laptops in your fleet is added reassurance in a climate where data can be your most valuable asset.

Other advantages include:

Bring your own device (BYOD)

In the scramble to get everyone working from home at the beginning of the pandemic, business leaders often had to rely on employees using their own devices. MDM helps to mitigate the potential risks associated with intertwining the personal and professional lives of your employees in one device.

87% of employees say choosing their own device is important to them.

Whether personal or company-issued, employees want to use technology they are familiar with across all Android, Apple and Windows products. Just like your company-issued devices, MDM can configure, wipe and lock apps used for business purposes on all your employees own laptops and smartphones.

Protect your reputation

The cost of losing data is far greater than the cost of losing a device. Downtime, loss of reputation, and of course, being held to ransom, can cripple your business.

Not complying with data regulations may lead to far-reaching implications, including penalties.

Critical to any business is the efficient management of data with regulations and policies getting stricter every year. MDM solutions allow you to manage and secure your fleet of mobile devices, remotely, reducing the chance of a security breach and losing your hard earned reputation through non-compliance penalties.

Reclaim your time

Deploying multiple devices to your remote or hybrid workforce can be time intensive, especially if you are manually configuring, managing, and securing every device.

The average time to set up a smartphone without MDM is 60 minutes, with MDM the time can drop to as low as 5 minutes.

The data speaks for itself. In addition to saving time on the initial set-up, employees can get to work faster, straight out-of-the-box, without worrying about installing different apps or configuring security settings.

Tailor configuration to suit you

When it comes to configuring your devices, MDM tailors the behaviour and functionality of a single device, group of devices or all your devices remotely and simultaneously.

With MDM you can manage the apps being installed or removed on mobile devices, monitor the devices in the MDM server, configure basic settings on devices, and set-up devices that will be used for specific purposes. These solutions are also available with multiple MDM deployment options.

If you want your team to enjoy improved productivity and efficiency, with increased portability, without compromising your security set-up, you need an MDM solution.

What are the next steps?

Currently, there is a wide range of MDM solutions with each one offering different features. In such a crowded marketplace, it can be daunting for business leaders to choose the right solution for them. That's where we can help. Contact to us today and let us advise you on the best MDM solution for your industry across all your Android, Apple and Windows products.

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