Cyber Security

Maintaining the integrity of your system is a critical component of your overall cyber security strategy. The threat landscape has broadened due to the numerous SaaS services currently offered, creating an increased security risk as a result of multiple profiles. In addition, each system is built differently, hosted in multiple locations, accessed by numerous users, and constantly under threat from sophisticated hacking programs trying to obtain user sensitive information.

Securing your data has become increasingly complicated and vital to the survival of your business. Many off-the-shelf software programs include built-in security services, however, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to configure these programs and ensure they remain compliant. While there are insurances in place, they rely on active security measures to avoid key security risks.

Systima assess the security of your system's configuration, software, information handling processes, and usability. We help you identify gaps in the perimeter of your network including installation of software to monitor your domain credentials, that could be compromised due to hacking and sold on the dark web. We educate your users on the new policies, governance, risk and compliance, and conduct incident response training. We ensure your organisation enjoys a stable, base level of security and advise on how to improve the risk profile by guiding you through our comprehensive suite of cyber security services to strengthen any weaknesses identified.

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