Business Critical Software

Business critical software runs your business, from your ordering platform used to track and sell to your client base through to your finance package tracking all invoicing and payment. There are numerous software packages on the market but few that are tailored to your specific needs.

Systima have a specialist team who custom build business critical software to meet your exacting requirements. We use an agile methodology ensuring systems are built in stages, based on a hierarchy of requirements. This approach limits the spending on any unneeded features once the system begins operation.

Often the need to build custom software is not required. Simply integrating your legacy systems and removing manual processes, such as double entry eliminates the risk of human error. However, manual intervention will still be required throughout the process, but where possible manual tasks will be eliminated. When reviewing internal software's suitability, we also concentrate on process automation which adds directly to the overall spend. Once delivered, all software is supported by our team of experienced technicians who specialise in hosting and security.

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